Paintball in theatre


Paintball in theatre

Supporting and diffusing paintball to the masses isn’t done only through the organisation of national and international events. For paintball to influence people, it must reach them through unexpected and refreshingly new methods.

Having this in mind, GRIP proudly accepted the invitation of the theatre group Silly Season to help them with logistics and realisation of a scene onstage, replicating the exact security measures always carried out in our sport, involving one of the actors getting shot by a paintball, simulating actual gun fire.

GRIP has focused on the security aspect, so that neither actors nor the public suffer any unfortunate accidents.
The play Dark Tourism will premiere on the 7th of May and will be running through until the 14th, in the Residências Coop, Rua Garret Nº60 in Lisbon, Portugal.

This announcement is also an invitation to our readers to come and support the use of paintball, even if it is for a brief moment, in this culturally enticing and enjoyable moment.


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